Fishing Rules & FAQ’s

We don’t wish to stifle your enjoyment but, to make fishing fair for all at Homestead, we ask that you abide by the rules set out here.

Fishing Rules

  • All anglers must have valid Rod License and fishing day ticket.
  • Anyone caught without a Day Ticket will be charged DOUBLE.
  • Barbless hooks only. Barbed hooks including micro barbs are strictly banned.
  • No Ground Bait or Bait Boats.
  • No blood worms.
  • No night fishing.
  • No keep nets except for matches.
  • Unhooking mats obligatory for carp.
  • Any children under 16 years must be under adult supervision.
  • No beach casting.
  • No loud music.
  • Tackle must not be left unattended.
  • Day Visitors must park their vehicles in the fishing car-park only, not around the Lake.
  • Please respect our Flora and Fauna.
  • No camping by the lake.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is Ground Bait not allowed?
    In previous years we have had a problem with oxygen levels in our lake and since implementing the No Ground Bait rule we have managed to keep the lake in a good condition. We understand that it may only be a minority that use ground bait to excess, but due to this we have had to make this a gereral rule for everyone fishing.

    Where can I buy a day fishing ticket?
    Day Fishing tickets can be purchased from the main reception of Homestead Caravans and Outdoor Leisure during office hours.